Case Study 4: Regulation Z Claims Processing Quality Assurance Reporting


A regional bank transitioned credit card fraud and dispute claim processing internally from a global financial service provider.  The bank sought to develop a reporting and monitoring system to validate that claims were processed within the guidelines of the Truth in Lending Act (TILA) as implemented by Regulation Z.


The regional bank needed to leverage almost a half dozen internal groups and data sources to facilitate the reporting and calculations required to confirm claims processing met federal regulations.  The cost, time and internal human resources needed to implement such a critical reporting system was not quickly feasible and would come at a high cost.  The risk of not meeting the reporting requirements deadline and risk of not being compliant with federal regulations resulted in the decision to outsource the reporting to Dataline.


Develop a reporting solution that met the daily service level agreement requirements of the regional bank.


Dataline quickly developed a reporting solution that gathers and analyzes data across multiple data sources (including data from the regional bank’s internal fraud and dispute system and credit card statement data) to validate the posting and reversal of the transaction in the claim, associated fees and fee reversals and associated finance charges and finance charge reversals.

The reporting has provided great insight into claims processing practices and helps the regional bank maintain its claims processing compliance with the Truth in Lending Act (TILA) as implemented by Regulation Z.