Case Study 2: Card Portfolio Reporting Analytics


A bank client had previously outsourced the management, marketing, origination and servicing of their consumer credit card portfolio.  A decision was made to bring the management of the portfolio in-house and begin to aggressively market and build the consumer card portfolio.


The bank did not have reporting in place to measure the effectiveness of their decision and their marketing efforts to grow the portfolio.  Further, the client did not have the internal expertise and resources to build the reporting in a timely and cost-effective manner.  Without the proper metrics to measure the results of their decision, the bank could not effectively gauge their efforts to service and grow the portfolio.  The data needed to perform portfolio reporting was dynamic and the issuing platform did not provide the necessary tools to deliver required results.


Develop a system of relational databases that allowed the daily storage of the data necessary for metric reporting.


The robust database system houses cardholder data, monetary transactional data and account statement data.

  • Trend analysis reporting was delivered ahead of schedule and provided the client the reporting and data metrics necessary to measure performance of the portfolio
  • The Portfolio Monthly Trend report examined open accounts, growth and attrition, retail spend, cash spend, promotional spend, interest income, statements, payments, fees charge-offs and more

The design of the database system allows for multiple types of reporting as well as ad-hoc research and reporting requests.

  • Business Analysts have access to perform detailed-level research efficiently
  • Basic data about cardholders is stored so that a ‘point-in-time’ view of the portfolio can be easily obtained

The system of relational databases continues to be used for projects ranging from acquisition campaigns, spend stimulation campaigns, balance-build campaigns, regular reporting and production support.